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Night Sitters

We have a highly trained and dedicated team of care workers who provide waking night service or sleeping night service depending on your care needs.

Waking Night Sitter Service

Our waking night sitting service is mainly designed for palliative and latter stages of dementia clients, to provide them and their family with reassurance during the night.

The carer will remain on duty throughout the night to provide care, support and reassurance if the client awakes in the night disorientated, requires toileting, requires a drink, in pain and requires medication or changing sleeping position to alleviate pressure.


Sleeping Night Service

Our sleeping night service is designed for clients who just require reassurance, the knowing that there is a carer available to them if they need assistance during the night. It could be a temporary solution to re-able a client following a hospital discharge or as a result of short term illness.

This service allows for the Sleeping night care worker to be woken up not more than twice a night, if the sleeping night carer is regularly woken up more than twice a night this will trigger a reassessment of needs to ensure that the service provided meets the client’s needs.

Having a carer stay overnight whether be it as a sleeping night or waking night sitter can help to stabilise sleeping patterns and improve the quality of overall sleep for clients.

Please contact our dedicated care team to discuss your care needs with no obligation.

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